Underwater Photography

As underwater photographer ourselves we recognize the different dive styles that photographers have. All dive trips can be customized for underwater photographers allowing you the diver to dive at your own pace and have plenty of time to set up that one shot.

Here at Baja Connections we always dive in small groups (max 5 divers per DM) and at a slow pace to maximize our bottom time. If you are diving with a camera our divemasters are eager to point out all of the marine life, big and small, and customize our dive profiles to maximize your photo taking opportunities. There is plenty of photogenic marine life here in La Paz and what is unique is that some species of fish, such as stingrays, do not spook as easy and are much easier to approach for underwater photography. Sea lions, whale sharks and whales also make for great photo opportunities both underwater and on the surface. 

For macro and invertebrate lovers the Sea of Cortez is home to many species of nudibranch, urchins, sea stars, stony and soft corals and all the commensal shrimp and crabs that co-exist with them.

If you are interested in a private divemaster for your dive trip that can be arranged, you just need to let us know in advance. If you are interested in improving your underwater photography we offer single and multi-day courses, have a look at our courses for more information.