Los Islotes Sea Lion Colony

Los Islotes is located at the northern tip of Isla Partida, at the north end of the Isla Espiritu Santo UNESCO biosphere reserve. There are two main dive sites in this area, the Los Islotes sea lion colony and El Bajito.

The underwater typography at Los Islotes is amazing, with one of the islets forming an arch that divers can pass through that is often filled with silver sardines, a shimmering mass of small bait-fish that makes for excellent photographs and a fun swim through. The north side of Los Islotes is littered with large boulders and drops down to about 30m/100ft into a flat, sandy bottom. In the shallows you will see many sea lions and in the deeper reef a chance for large diamond stingrays, white-tip reef sharks, turtles and mobula rays. The southern side of Los Islotes is a shallow sandy basin with more hard coral growth and shallow reefs where juvenile sea lions are tended by the adult sea lions. 

Nearby El Bajito is a shallow sea-mount that attracts large numbers of cleaning fish with the chance to spot bigger pelagics, sea turtles and the hunting techniques of the sea lions. The dive sites for this trip are highly flexible; we can combine a dive at the sea lion colony with any other dive sites on the west side of Espiritu Santo.