Between the mainland of La Paz and the island of Espiritu Santo lies the San Lorenzo Channel, a shallow area with flat sandy bottoms and scattered rocky reefs. These shallow depths allow for large coral colonies to grow, creating complex reef systems with a large variety of fish and invertebrates. There are three dive sites in this area, all very different from each other.

A little bit off the beaten path, the eastern side of Isla Espiritu Santo is less visited by divers and has many dive sites not listed on the popular dive site maps. The underwater topography here is steeper and offers an opportunity for some deeper wall diving. 

Los Islotes is a dive site centered around two small rocky islets, home to a colony of California Sea Lions. These majestic creatures are highly inquisitive and are a thrill to view underwater, often posing for photographs, chasing bubbles and will even gently bite and tug on fins and equipment.

Home of the famous schooling hammerheads of La Paz. Every fall large numbers of scalloped hammerheads gather at the seamounts of El Bajo. Join us in the search for one of the most amazing things to experience while diving here in La Paz.

Isla Ballena lies on the western side of Isla Espiritu Santo and has a few dive sites which offer shallow underwater caverns to explore, a large colony of garden eels and a good chance to see mobula rays, stingrays and turtles. Nearby are three shipwrecks to dive, the wrecks of the Fang Ming and Lapas N03, two confiscated Chinese vessels and the C59, or USS Diploma.

The island was officially named Isla Jacques Cousteau in 2009 but local residents still use the name Isla Cerralvo. There is an abundance of marine life here due to the prevailing currents which attracts large numbers of game fish, large pelagics and is one of the places to spot the Reef Manta which can grow up to 6m across.