The Sea of Cortez is home to a local population of whale sharks who migrate up and down the coast throughout the year. Swimming with whale sharks here is a unique experience and much different than other locations around the globe.

75% of the world's cetacean species visit the Sea of Cortez during their annual migrations, with the peak season being December through April. During these months it is very common to see Humpback Whales who use the Sea Of Cortez as their breeding and calving grounds. During these mating rituals the male humpbacks attract females through displays of power making for a great show and experience.

Known as the "aquarium of the world", the Sea of Cortez hosts a large variety of fish life. There are over 900 recorded species of fish with about 10% of those being endemic, found here and nowhere else.

The Sea of Cortez is known for it's big animals. Supporting these larger animals is the backbone of our marine ecosystem, the coral reef. Home to over 50 species of corals the reefs of La Paz are great for Macro as well.

Sea lions live year round in La Paz and inhabit two main colonies, about 300 individuals at Los Islotes and around 30-40 at San Rafaelito island. You will also see them at most of the dive sites and even miles out from the islands as they search for food.