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Sustainable Tourism

Tourism will never be completely sustainable as every industry has impacts, but together we can work towards becoming more sustainable. As a tourist you will of course enjoy the activities, food and culture that the destination has to offer. Your responsibility is to do your best to minimize your footprint and your impact on the environment. Baja Connections has dedicated itself to giving back to the community of La Paz through education, scuba training and volunteer programs. Even though your vacation may be short you can still help out those in need here in La Paz. Simply packing some extra items in your suitcase can make a big difference in someone's life. We here at Baja Connections have provided some tips for your holiday in La Paz.

Marine Parks - Wildlife Viewing

The marine park and natural areas of La Paz are managed by Conanp, Comision Nacional de Areas Protegidas. Conanp manages the fishing and tourist activities in the parks and the waters of La Paz. Visitors to the park are required to purchase a day pass in the form of a paper bracelet. The bracelet is provided by the tour operators at the beginning of the tour. There are marine life viewing guidelines in place for all marine activities concerning the whale sharks, whales, coral reefs and the California sea lions. There are also fishing regulations both inside and outside of the park.

Sustainable Seafood Programs

The stress of fishing, both commercial and for tourism has caused fish populations to decline worldwide. While all fish species are important to the eco-system, some are critical to the health of a reef. Most notably here in La Paz are the parrot fish, whose main diet is algae. Without the parrotfish algae populations will bloom and occupy space that otherwise would be colonized by new corals. The algae can also smother established coral colonies and cause coral mortality. Sea bass, species including groupers, cabrilla and graysbys have a longer life than most pelagic fish. In the case of the gulf grouper the females reach sexual maturity at 6 years of age. As they mature they transition into a male for the later part of their life. Due to the practice of harvesting large males and the fishing of spawning aggregations the male-female ratio has been skewed. 

Luckily efforts are being made by Espiritu Santo es parte de ti (Espiritu Santo is part of you). Their mission "Healthy reefs need parrotfish and we will protect them in the reefs around Archipelago Espiritu Santo, ending illegal fishing, through citizen watch, and educating sellers, restaurants and citizens to stop selling and eating parrotfish." They have been instrumental in the decision of some of the major grocery stores and restaurants in La Paz to stop buying and selling parrotfish.

Baja Connections' PADI Divemaster Internship Program

Every year Baja Connections sponsors a PADI Divemaster candidate for the diving season. The aim of the program is to give boat captains and fisherman the opportunity to seek new, more sustainable employment in the tourism industry. You can help by donating scuba diving equipment, PADI training materials and any other scuba diving related items. 

Care for Kids

A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished children and their families in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. Their focus is to promote hope and opportunity by providing long-term support guaranteeing access to food, education and health care to children whose families want to participate in a process of development to enhance their quality of life. You can aid in their efforts by filling any extra space in your suitcase with much needed items. You can view the full wish-list on their website.

Adopt a Dog

Why not take a dog home with you? It's free and easier than you think. Comunidad Patitas La Paz A.C. is a volunteer dog rescue organization based here in La Paz.


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